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Tax Services


Relax. Filing and preparing taxes might be a time-consuming nightmare for many small businesses, but when you consult with an accounting services firm that gives you comprehensive, hometown attention, it doesn’t have to be.

Since 1991, The Ellis Group, LLC has helped small businesses of a variety of industries not only complete their taxes, but make better business decisions. Our knowledgeable, experienced small business accountants are welcoming and eager to collaborate with you, so we can create a unique plan that allows your business to achieve more.

Take a Breather and Find New Tax-Saving Solutions

While we leverage technology to the fullest and use it extensively to best serve your needs, we believe face-to-face consultations will always be extremely valuable. Why not take a deep breath and work with a firm that will sit down with you, genuinely grow to understand you, and find the most effective ways to manage your taxes and find tax-saving solutions?

At The Ellis Group, LLC, we offer fixed fees and unlimited consultations — your priorities will always be our priority. Whether you want to review your income taxes at the end of the year, analyze your tax liability to find strategies that can save you money, or adjust your revenue and expenses, we’re excited to develop solutions with you.

Our small business accountants are always up-to-date with the current tax laws that will affect your business, as well as the complex IRS regulations. We offer complete business tax returns, and reports with graphics, customizable content and in-depth descriptions, so you can be sure to find the best, most eye-opening trends.

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We Can Make a Complex Process Simple

When you schedule a consultation at The Ellis Group, LLC, you can be sure that:

Surprises are gone.

Important business decisions that impact your tax liability are discussed.

Minimal tax liability becomes the goal.

Pleasant staff members offer guidance and explanations of difficult concepts.

Lengthy reports are made simple with graphics and trends.

Experienced small business accountants analyze your books to find deductions or opportunities for upcoming years.

What do these benefits spell? That’s right: simplicity.

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