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Our Philosophy


Located in Mechanicsburg, PA, The Ellis Group, LLC is an experienced accounting consulting firm dedicated to providing you with small-town support and large, carefully-planned solutions. As a local business, we understand the unique needs you face every day — we know how time-consuming accounting, bookkeeping and tax filing can be.

Why let the overwhelming tax rules and regulations eat up your time? At The Ellis Group, LLC, we truly believe in our deep-rooted philosophy of helping small businesses achieve more. Whether you want more time, revenue or convenience, we will work closely with you to make sure you achieve it.

You Can Never Be Too Big or Too Small

Do you spend a large chunk of your week invoicing customers, paying bills and losing the necessary time to make important business decisions? Are you spending too much money on payroll and need help making decisions about labor costs? Is the organization of your record-keeping system inconveniencing you, or are tax form regulations overwhelming you?

No matter what your situation, when you partner with The Ellis Group, LLC, we will tailor our services to match your exact business needs — no matter how unique they are. We’ll sit down with you face-to-face and develop plans and solutions that alleviate your frustrations or simplify and improve a process.


We also understand the fees small business owners deal with on a regular basis, so we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. With fixed monthly fees, you can reap the benefits of our organized, efficient services:

Our bundle of services can help every small business owner manage their growth, expenses, employees and more. Benefit from our accounting services, and receive complete business tax returns, unlimited consultations and organized reports.

You can relax knowing your bill paying, customer invoices, record-keeping and tax form filing are taken care of.

With 24/7 Internet access and bank/checkbook reconciliation, we will make sure you don’t overlook any important rules or regulations.

We can handle payroll laws, due dates and tasks, as well as provide you with tracking reports and consultations to help you make better decisions about your labor costs.

Since 1991, we have been helping small businesses achieve more. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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