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Helping Small Business

Achieve More

Our comprehensive accounting services provides everything business owners require to successfully manage their enterprise.

A Local Accounting and Consulting Firm with Full-Service Support

Founded in 1991, our experienced team offers a wide range of accounting and tax services that not only save you time when running your business, but also help you meet your business goals.

Why work with an accounting consulting firm that can’t commit to giving you personalized attention?

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Our Services

Our comprehensive menu of accounting services provides everything business owners need to successfully manage the financial aspect of their enterprise.

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Since we have been with The Ellis Group, LLC, we have found the people there to be friendly and patient in our dealings together … [they] not only respond quickly, but will put in the extra effort it sometimes takes to reach us. We never hesitate to ask questions, no matter how small, because we are confident that their goal is the same as ours, and that is to have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I move my accounting and bookkeeping functions offsite?

If you are like most owners/managers, you take pride in the service or products your organization provides. You want to focus your time and energy on your organization’s goals and strategic plan. Outsourcing your accounting function allows you to do exactly that.

What about security?

Right now, your financial records are available to most, if not all of your employees. Most businesses keep these in an easily accessible place, not under lock and key. We use the same level of encryption that financial organizations like CitiBank and Wells Fargo use. You can be assured that you, and only you, have access to your files.

Won’t I lose control of my business’s finances if the books are kept by an outside service?

The short answer: No. You’ll actually have more control since you’ll have the time to review your management and financial reports, and make informed business decisions based on more than just your cash balance at the bank.

Do you have access to my bank accounts?

We only have access to download information. We cannot access your assets. Nor can we sign your checks. You have control of your financial assets at all times.


Join the Team

We know that having the best staff is critical to our success. Our goal is to help our staff thrive professionally and personally. This is because we care about our employees and we know that low turnover is good for our team and good for our business.

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Why not partner with an accounting consulting firm that has advanced technological capabilities, but still insists on giving you personalized, face-to-face attention?

We’re only a phone call away and offer help and support any time you need it.

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